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Elevate the market value of your home quickly and efficiently with our customized improvement solutions.

Experience the exclusive Concierge service offered by Ohanes Abajian, where we provide expert recommendations and even cover the expenses* for selected services to transform your property's appearance and increase its appeal. This translates to shorter time on the market and a higher return on your investment.

Rest assured, there are no hidden fees or interest charges.

With Ohanes Abajian's Concierge service, our primary goal is to ensure your home is optimally prepared for a successful launch in the market. By conducting a thorough assessment of your property's requirements through a walkthrough, we collaborate with you to identify opportunities for enhancing its value and profitability.

Our range of services includes deep-cleaning and cosmetic improvements, all of which are covered upfront* by Ohanes Abajian. You won't have to make any payments until your home is sold. By investing in your home's potential, we strive to expedite the selling process and maximize your financial gains.

*only eligible properties will benefit from this support

Badr Sidqui


Deep Cleaning      Cosmetic Renovations      Decluttering      Pest Control     

Window Replacement      Bathroom Remodel      New Flooring 

Home Automation      Roof Repair      Mold Remediation      Kitchen Remodel

Staging      Painting      Landscaping      Closet Buildout 

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